IRKL successfully completed many recruitment projects.
Below you can find some more details about few of them.

Waitress and a kitchen assistant for restaurant in Berlin
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Renovation and construction team in Leipzig
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Petrol station crew
in Saxony
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A waitress and a kitchen assistant for restaurant in Berlin

A restaurant in Berlin needed two people:
‐ a qualified waitresses with fluent German;
‐ a kitchen assistant with at least one year of experience in a similar position.

IRKL focused on the direct reaching of candidates from Poland living within the distance of 50km from Berlin. Within two weeks IRKL presented eight verified candidates who met the employer’s requirements. The employer chose a waitress with two years of experience working at this position both in Poland and Germany. He also decided to hire two kitchen assistants with the appropriate qualifications. All of them already lived in Berlin, so on the employer's request we organized two test days during which it was possible to evaluate the effects of their work.

Renovation and construction team in Leipzig

An employer from Leipzig needed a 4‐5 person team for a complex renovation of a 440m2 house.
The team had to meet certain requirements such as:
‐ having their own business (in Poland or Germany);
‐ ability to communicate in German at least at a basic level;
‐ experience in construction work, including small paving work;
‐ experience in: plastering, filling, painting, wallpapering, drywall construction, laminate floor installation, etc., as well as minor masonry work such as paving and carpentry work for the installation of windows and doors.

IRKL focused on direct reach of small repair and construction companies from Poland. Within two weeks IRKL presented five teams that met the employers’ expectations. He invited all of the teams to Leipzig, where each of them prepared valuation for the work required. Based on the pricings given, the client chose the most attractive offer, invited one of the teams to cooperation and provided them an accommodation in Leipzig.

Petrol station crew in Saxony

A dynamically developing network of petrol stations required reliable an eperienced employees for newly opened facilities in Saxony ‐ Anhalt. Our company commenced procedures to recruit 6 employees for the positions available.
IRKL focused on an intensive search for young Polish candidates who met the employer's profile. The process of recruitment had two stages.
The first stage of recruitment was verification of candidates by IRKL specialists. Candidates who were speaking German and had many years of experience in customer service were qualified for the next stage of the recruitment.
For the best candidates IRKL organized individual interviews with the employer over Skype. These Skype meetings were an opportunity opportunity to get to know closer and establish the details of cooperation between the employer and the potential candidates. The result of this approach was a final decision on employment satisfying either party.
Whole recruitment process (including two trips organized for workers to visit the workplace) was completed within a month. The success of this recruitment project and employer's satisfaction has resulted in a long lasting cooperation with this customer and many orders for further recruitments.

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