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IRKL.org is run by Instytut Rozwoju Kapitału Ludzkiego Sp. z o.o. (Institute of Human Capital Development) with the office at Staromiejska 15, 10-017 Olsztyn, entered into the register of entrepreneurs by the District Court in Olsztyn under KRS number 0000493269, with fully paid up share capital of PLN 10000, NIP (TAX ID) 739-386-48-69, REGON no 281557957, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator or Owner.

Service – a set of web pages available as part of/within irkl.org domain.

User – a person visiting the Service or using its services through registration of an account in the informatics system of the Service on behalf of himself/herself or the enterprise he/she represents.

Policy of privacy

Under no circumstances, the Service doesn't share to third persons the data provided by the User and information that are automatically collected, processed and saved through the computer system functioning within the Service. The data concerning websites that are provided by the User and collected by the Service to render the services are the financial property of the User and cannot be made available in any form without the User’s prior consent.

The information provided by the User during registration, such as the e-mail address and name, shall be used by the Administrator to communicate with the User through the electronic mail.

Acceptation of this Rules means that the User agrees to receive messages from the Administrator through the electronic mail. The e-mail messages sent by the Administrator may be of informative, educational and commercial nature.

Personal data such as: name, surname and address of the User will be used only for settlement for the services of the Owner.

Cookies info

Service use cookies - safe, small but really necessary files that save significant data on your computer to proper display and Service working. Cookies contains informations like unique user ID, used OS, used web browser etc. Those files do not contain your personal data. You can not be recognized by information which has been stored in those files.

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