Who are we?
Why should you choose our services?

1) We provide the best employees from Poland, who will certainly help you to develop your business thanks to their qualification and lower financial expectations.

2) We not only verify the candidates' competence but also check their personality, to make sure we provide the best and reliable employees for your company.

3) We charge once and only for the people who will be employed.

4) We provide 1-month guarantee, thanks to which there is no risk that you invested your money improperly.

5) We act fast - we are able to find and verify the desirable candidates within 7-14 days.

Technicians and builders:
builders, electricians, electrical fitters, carpenters, pavers, plasterers, painters, joiners, tilers, fixers, general construction workers, etc…
White-collar workers:
customer service, assistants, secretaries, resellers, dealers, programmers, developers, engineers (electronics engineers, chemists, etc…)
Health professionals:
nurses, paramedics, caring for the elderly, medical assistance, etc…
drivers (holding B,C,E licence categories), farmers, milkers, grooms, cleaners, manual workers... and any others you need

Five steps of a successful cooperation:

A declaration of cooperation

At the beginning, we discuss the needs of your business to identify a competence profile of potential employees. The starting point of our recruitment activities is signing the declaration of cooperation concerning specific positions. The declaration confirms financial conditions, candidates' profile and deadlines established between you and us.

Candidates search

Next, we start to search for the right candidates. We use a number of recruitment methods adequate for specific positions.

The selection of candidates

When we have a sufficient group of potential candidates, we begin the selection process based on different methods. After 7-14 recruitment days you receive a report on candidates who meet your criteria and are motivated to work in your company.

Choosing candidates

On the basis of the report we have delivered, you choose candidates you would like to cooperate with. We sign an agreement protecting the rights of the three parties: your company, the employees and IRKL.


Selected candidates begin to work at your company and we charge a fee for our recruitment services.

Terms of cooperation

We work on a success fee, you pay only for those candidates you employ. We charge a one-time commission, depending on the difficulty of the recruitment process. The price is negotiable in case of mass recruitment (more than 3 workers are needed).

Satisfaction guarantee

Our services are covered by the guarantee that protects your company in case of the employees' resignation or a failure to meet your expectations. The period and the use of guarantee is fully negotiable.

We focus on an innovative, direct reach to candidates where the technology meets an experience of our HR experts. IRKL uses various methods to reach and verify candidates.

Reaching candidates:

Job posting

including main and local media: Internet services, press, social media groups, workplaces, places of public use, and more!

Career offices cooperation

at all education levels. We cooperate with best universities and technical universities in Poland.

Social media penetration

targeted advertising, direct messaging, event-based recruitment.

Direct search

Direct search of professionals with cold calls' organization.

Use of databases

Use of our own, and our partners' databases.

Labour offices cooperation

Labour market projects, activisation of the unemployed, on-the-job trainings.

Selection of candidates:

Episode interviews

to verify the candidate’s previous experience.

Work samples

challenges in simulated environment.

An analysis on the candidate’s social attitude

veryfying their approach to work and their personality.

Manual tests

series of simple, manual tasks veryfying an ability of physical work.

Assessment Center

assessing aptitude and performance using various diagnostic processes in order to obtain the information about candidates' abilities or their potential development.

Psychometric tests

wide scope of evaluation tools that measure candidates' knowledge, abilities and personality

Thanks to these methods we are able to provide valuable employees that are proven in terms of skills and attitudes towards work.

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